1. Psychic Fairs 
  2. Yard Sales
  3. Parades
  4. Meat Shoot
  5. Veteran's Meals


Post Family

Post 247 couldn't do everything we without the support of our Family.  These organizations provide support to our veterans.

Sons of the American Legion

The Son's of the American Legion is an organization for the son's and grandson's of veterans to come together and support veterans. Official website: (Membership Application)

Junior Auxiliary


We are looking for new members under 18 years old to bring back our Jr. Auxiliary Unit to your post.  We function with the Legion Family to aid our veterans and the Community.  So if you like the idea and want to  have fun doing it please talk to one of our Auxiliary Members.

Official website:

The women's auxiliary provides an organization for the spouses, daughter's and mother's of veterans to support group for their loved ones.  Official website: (Membership Application)


American Veterans (AMVETS)

Post Family

HallPost 247 has a meeting hall for all occasions.

Hall Rental


Information for Legion Members.

Member's Information

Post 247 proudly gives back to the community in the following ways.

News and events about our Legion Family; the Auxiliary, Junior's Auxiliary, and the Son's of the Legion 

Robert D. Pelletier, American Legion Post 247

90 Pawtucket Blvd, Tyngsborough, MA 01879, USA


The AMVET's are service members that have served in the United States Military for any length of service no matter the branch, time period served or how long they served.  Official website: (Membership Application)